Did aliens build the Egyptian pyramids? Are aliens our ancestors? Are aliens amongst us today?

The Museum of Alien Studies in Taichung, Taiwan, which formally opened its doors March 2010, ventures to answers these questions.

For the past 13 years, the Executive Director of the World Public Welfare Association in Taiwan, Yi-Wen Chen, has collected unique stone specimens from China that have magnetic fields that are not of terrestrial origin. The artifacts are displayed in a 22,000-square foot facility and research center in Taichung, Taiwan devoted solely to alien studies.

From studying these artifacts, museum research teams are exploring answers to some of humanity’s most puzzling questions. Age-old mysteries are being decoded from studying the alien energy fields:

• The mysterious energy fields of the Egyptian pyramids.
• The unique electromagnetic fields of the Bermuda Triangle. (Explaining why electrical equipment on ships and planes fail in that geographic region.)
• Brain genetic analysis of global leaders and celebrities. (Museum research finds that Albert Einstein only used 18.7% of his brain’s potential.)

Most of the 1888 specimens on display were unearthed from Xinjiang Province in China. The stone-based artifacts displayed are of unusual shapes and figures, each with a unique electromagnetic field not of terrestrial origin. From studying these electromagnetic fields, the museum’s research teams have received encoded instructions on how to vastly improve human technology, architecture, medicine, eugenics, etc. All this information has been communicated to the museum’s research teams from alien intelligences through information encoded in electromagnetic currents. Research teams have found that alien intelligence and wisdom exceed that of humans 100 to 1000 times.

Museum Director, Hui-Jun Yang, encourages all to come and examine the museum’s unique specimens: “The museum is the culmination of over 13 years of research and study on aliens of light body composition. We invite the public, especially researchers and related professionals, to come share in dialogue and discussion about the artifacts in the museum and their implications about alien cultures and intelligences.

We have found that aliens have made significant contributions to humanity in the areas of architecture, medicine, art, science, technology, and so on. They will continue to help humanity navigate and resolve the greatest problems of our time, especially in this historic moment, when we are facing an avalanche of natural disasters, resistant viruses, incurable illnesses and overall global deterioration on an environmental and geopolitical scale.”

Since its opening, the Museum of Alien Studies has been host to visits from professors, researchers and people who study alien phenomena, such as UFOs, ETs, etc. Many have independently verified the existence of alien electromagnetic fields in the artifacts on display. One professor from the Department of Biological Science and Technology, at the Meiho Institute of Technology in Ping Tung, Taiwan was very impressed with the genetic engineering research that is being done at the museum. “The Museum of Alien Studies is a pioneer in researching alien influences on genetic engineering in human history. Its research will provide groundbreaking knowledge in this realm.”

The Museum of Alien Studies exists as an international forum and research center for information exchange on studies of aliens of electromagnetic (light body) composition. It is a clearinghouse of information on how alien intelligences can help humanity evolve at an immensely accelerated rate, and how we can make groundbreaking advances in technology and ideas in the 21st Century.


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    I really want to know the date this text was wrote and the author name.

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