Alien Pets

江蕙的貓咪:毛毛 (往生)

靈性: 外星司令

Soul type:  Alien Commander

的靈性凶,鋼: 牠的任務是守護主人

毛毛’s soul is fierce and tough.  Her mission was to protect her caretaker.  (She is deceased.)



Her soul is from “Wu Mao” constellation.  Her mission wasn’t completed, so she is unable to access her good karma in order to return to her home constellation.  Therefore at present, her soul is stuck at a middle station.  Her soul must be assisted in order to be able to undergo judgment to return to her home constellation.



Paul the Octopus:

His predictive abilities are 3 times more powerful than a human prophet.

年代新聞專訪 寵物命相專業老師—超厲害的神算章魚哥保羅是外星測查司令靈性投胎

ERA TV News Interview with Ru Ting Yao, Prophet International Pet Communication Team Leader

July 7, 2010

The souls of animals come from different constellations, just like humans.

Paul the Octopus has the soul of an Alien Detection and Observation Commander who has a Divine license to do predictions.  His type of soul needs quiet and peace, so since his body was born in water, it allowed his soul to be more steady and stable.  His predictive abilities are 3 times more powerful than a human prophet.  An octopus with this type of soul happens 1 in 100 million—a rare and precious occurrence!  Just one alien pet’s predictions were 100% accurate; so the potential of alien pets is undeniable.


Bird fortune-telling is another soul-based divination method which ancient Chinese considered occurred in 1 in 100 bird souls.  The accuracy of this method is 30-50%.  The  bird Master’s summary, conclusion and explanation of the slips selected by the birds corresponds with the principles of the asker’s destiny.  However, it is unclear whether the birds select the slips because of intuition or habit.

Paul’s soul is from outer space.  His soul’s position in outer space is Detection and Observation Commander.  Alien pets’ wisdom and level-headedness is higher than humans.  Aliens are light-based beings, whereas humans are soul-based beings.

Paul the Octopus now feels pressure from public opinion and is a bit depressed, which is why he initially could not make a definite decision for the final match.  His mission on earth is to help humans increase understanding and realization.  The World Cup competition is an opportunity for Paul the Octopus to take a first step to contact with humans.  Paul the Octopus said with sadness, “The World Cup is a good-natured competition between nations that fosters good will.  People should view it with a neutral heart.”


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