Interview with eRenlai Magazine: 2.27.2011

3 Mar

Editor and guests sensing the unique energy fields of the alien artifacts.


Editor Paul Farrelly trying the Alien Knife Massage Therapy:  “a very unique and relaxing therapy.”


Farrelly getting an Alien Divination consultation.


World Public Welfare Association Tour Group Visit: February 27, 2011

3 Mar

Alien Divination

Alien Knife Massage Therapy

Museum of Alien Studies Children’s Alien Drawing Contest

16 Feb

First Prize Winner


Third Prize Winner


Second Prize Winner


Press Conference at the Museum of Alien Studies 12.20.10

21 Dec

Taiwan Print and TV News Media Coverage

Interviewing Museum Director, Hui-Jun Yang

Eugenics Section

Egyptian Scarab Beetle Artifacts

UFO Expert Richard Jiang is Museum of Alien Studies Honorary Director and Spokesperson