World’s First

1 World’s First – Museum of Alien Studies
2 World’s Pioneer – Transmitting and Translating Extraterrestrial Culture and Mechanics into human language and concepts.
3 The Museum’s knowledge and information bank comes from alien intelligences’ wisdom decoded into human language.
4 There are two main areas in the Museum : The first half is the Museum of Alien Studies • The second half is the Museum of Wai Lai Aliens
5 The 1888 artifacts on display at the Museum represent the translation of Alien culture into Earth culture • The translation of Earth culture to Alien Culture.
6 The reason for selecting Peng Lai Island of Immortals’ (aka Taiwan) Taichung Feng Jia District is because this location is the Cloudy Way Galaxy • Milky Way Galaxy • Sun Galaxy &;
7 Extrasolar Galaxy’s central hub and nexus.
8 Each alien artifact has its own unique Energy • Magnetic field • Transformational Energy • Purifying and Clarifying Energy • Guiding Transforming Energy, etc.
9 The Museum’s Founder : [ Sun God of Birth and Death • Sun God of Death and Birth] provides the Museum’s primary direction.
10 Our objective and purpose is to initiate and guide Alien & Wai Lai Alien potential and power on Earth.

Museum of Wai Lai Aliens General Introduction

1 Aliens are humanity’s creators.
2 Wai Lai Aliens are humanity’s and aliens’ protectors and guardians.
3 Therefore aliens Oversee • Manage • Execute.
4 Therefore Wai Lai Aliens Protect • Safeguard • Educate and Maintain Harmony etc. : Mutual Assistance, Mutual Success.
5 Extraterrestrial to Earth Transmission and Translation • Earth to Extraterrestrial Transmission and Translation • Mutually Complementary • Mutually Interlocking.
6 Journalists and academics from around the world • Research Ph.Ds all comment, “Remarkable and incredible.”
7 In the Museum, there is not the Earth’s energy and magnetic field, there is truly an extraterrestrial energy and magnetic field.
8 Utilize Aliens’ and Wai Lai Aliens’ unique energy and magnetic field in conjunction with;
9 Earth’s Sacred Treasures to assist in supplementing humanity’s deficiencies and needs, in clear and visible ways.
10 We welcome you to try the unique skill and power of advanced alien technologies in practice:  Alien Knife Massage Therapy and the Alien Divination Method.

Certified and Authorized by Museum of Alien & Wai Lai Alien Studies


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