Museum of Alien Studies  Introduction

Aliens are humans’ creators.

Wai Lai Aliens are humanity’s protectors and guardians.

Wai Qi Aliens maintain humanity’s qi (energy) field.

Wai Ran Aliens are humanity’s problem-solvers.

Wai Sa Aliens destroy in order to recreate.

Wai Yi Aliens instruct and influence governance and policies for humanity.

Wai Ming Aliens create and provide forecasts, predictions and intuitions for humanity.  They possess an increased state of sensitivity towards Nature and life’s cycles.

Wai Dao Ming Aliens create predictions and prophecies that are highly accurate.

Wai Ji Aliens help humanity come to completion and perfection in matters.

Wai Xin Aliens help humanity to persevere and see things to the end, while maintaining the original intention throughout the process.

Wai You Aliens help humanity to understand the natural laws and be able to complete matters according to these laws.

The above phenomena found on Earth are also found in alien civilizations. However, human species evolution and alien species evolution are vastly different; human evolution follows the gradual change in the natural environment to create numerous species.  On the other hand, alien species evolution follows extremes in progress, phenomena, and races— evolution types include extreme light, plural light, rippling light, blotting light, etc.  Because of aliens’ polar/extreme evolution, their wisdom, humanity and bravery exceed that of humans 100 to 1000 times and above!  In addition, Wai Ming and Wai Dao Ming Aliens possess these qualities at even higher levels, exceeding that of humans 10,000 times and above.

As a result, the Museum of Alien Studies is studying these phenomena in depth.  We have collected 1888 alien species representatives for public display, including our alien creators, alien protectors, etc.  They can teach and instruct humanity: to duplicate aliens’ strengths and advantages; about the everlasting existence of matter and energy; to understand the world and universe’s state of existence—so all life can exist eternally.  Through this research on aliens, we can understand the Universe’s principles of eternal existence, and its genius and brilliance.  We invite you to join together in this spirit of research and study!

Certified and Authorized by The Museum of Alien Studies


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