Why Earth?

Why is the Museum of Alien Studies here on Earth?

To assist humanity – to assist human evolution of body, mind and spirit.

To assist aliens – to conserve the extraterrestrial genetic pool and help extraterrestrials learn new methods of doing things.

Why is the Museum of Alien Studies in Taichung, Taiwan?

The Feng Jia District in Taichung, Taiwan is home to the central axis of many galactic extraterrestrial energy streams.  It is also『the central headquarters for extraterrestrial ascension』.  On Earth, 10% of the population is of extraterrestrial origin; they have alien souls that incarnate into bodies because of fate, body-soul connections, soul activation and guidance and training.

In the future, school education, societal education, even national and governmental education will need to be a space age education, outer space education, and even alien education in order to keep up with contemporary educational needs and face and solve contemporary problems.

Therefore 『the Museum of Alien Studies’』『 Extreme Species Evolution Theory』exceeds Earth’s 『Natural Species Evolution Theory』100 to 1000 times and above in terms of wisdom and ability to solve various problems in humanity’s existence, and understand various unusual and mysterious phenomena.

❀Certified and Authorized by The Museum of Alien Studies


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